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Shea Body Scrub

Shea Body Scrub

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Your skin will be soooo soft from using this scrub! It has extra moisturizing ingredients that will deeply penetrate your skin and kick out all dryness. 


★ PURE SHEA BUTTER: Contains amazing fatty acids that deeply moisturise dry skin and leave it baby soft and glowing.

★ SWEET ALMOND & GRAPESEED OIL:Improves complexion and skin tone, deeply moisturizing as well.

★ VEGETABLE GLYCERINE: Natural humectant, keeps skin supple and hydrated. 


How To Use:

Make sure your body is thoroughly wet and softened with warm water first.

Apply scrub with hands

Cover your body with an adequate amount of our scrub, and using circular motions, massage it into your skin.

Rinse with lukewarm water.

For best results, use 1-2x a week

Apply a patch test on your inner wrist or elbow for at least 2 minutes 

(In rare case of irritation, wash area clean and do not continue the use of this product)